11 August 2014

Nampa Festival of the Arts

Well, we braved the hot weather this weekend and enjoyed our time at the Nampa Festival of the Arts.  It was great to chat with everyone as they shopped.  I had a few new items this year and will post pictures as soon as I get them.  I'll also be adding the new items to the Etsy store a little at a time.  If you were by my booth this weekend and are looking for something in particular that isn't listed yet, please let me know via e-mail or convo, and I'll get it up there for you.

Thanks for stopping by



24 June 2014

Mother's Necklace

So once again, it's been a bit quiet around here.  I feel like sometimes life just has a way of taking over.  Thankfully we are on break from school over the summer and I'm hoping to get out in the shop more often.  I am also in the process of preparing for the Nampa Festival in August.  I'm hoping to have some new products to post to Etsy soon as well.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share another etched necklace that I made.  It is a mother's necklace, but it is a little different than the one that I made for Christmas.  This one has the first and middle name of her daughter, as well as the birthday etched on.  I think it turned out super cute, and she loved it.

We polished it up, but left the lettering alone so that it will naturally darken over time, and the letters will eventually have a little more contrast against the silver.

I don't have these up in my shop yet, but if you are interested in having a custom mother's necklace created, send me an e-mail or convo me over Etsy, and we can get it created for you.



27 December 2013

Mother's Necklace and Monogrammed Necklace

I hope you and your loved ones had a very nice Christmas this year.  Ours did, and we have one more Christmas family get together before we are all done.  I know it has been quiet around here for a while, but I have been busy getting items listed, working on some Christmas projects, and shipping orders.
I did want to share with you a couple of gifts that I made this year.  (The recipients have already received these, so it won't ruin any surprises, but that is why I didn't post them earlier.)  I know a few months back, I shared some of my new etched pendants.  These were on brass, copper, and pewter.  I was able to acquire the equipment that I needed to be able to etch on silver.  So the pictures below are of a couple of gifts that I etched on silver using my new tools.

The mother's necklace was etched into the metal.  The names will patina over time allowing them to stand out a little more.

Mother's necklace with names etched into the silver, and birthstone dangles. 

The monogrammed pendant was etched with the "L" raised.

Monogrammed necklace.  The "L" is raised.  The background could have a patina added to make the lettering stand out more.  This pendant is about 5/8" in diameter.

I love how these both turned out, and that I have the ability of doing both an "etched in" and "raised" effect.  I'll start offering both of these in my store over the next couple of months.

Anyway, hoping your Christmas was great, and that you have a terrific new year!



29 November 2013

Updated items in the store & Coupon code

I hope you have all had a terrific Thanksgiving!  We had a lot of good time spent both with our immediate and extended families.

I have been working extremely hard over the last week or so, and think that I finally have everything up and listed in the store.  I'll be going through things to verify, but all the new leaf products, as well as fused glass, and the pendants I have worked on are all on there.  I didn't realize how much there was.

Also, I have a coupon for black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, that is good until midnight Monday night.  If you type in coupon code THANKFUL2013, you can receive 10% off your order.

If you are looking for something custom, please let me know.  There is still time for custom orders to be made and sent before Christmas.

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21 October 2013

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

As I was browsing online about a month ago, I came across this cool little chart on Pinterest and Polyvore.  It is a great reference of what styles of necklaces go well with which necklines.  It is helpful for those challenging necklines.  Thought it might be fun to share it with all of you. . .

Hope your day is going well!

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Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

18 October 2013

Coupon code for 10% off all Blue and Orange Items in the Store

Fall is here and football season is in full swing.  I've added a coupon code to my store so for the next week, if you use coupon code BoiseState1013, it will give you 10% off your purchase of anything blue and orange in my store.  For anyone in the local area, if you'd like to send me an e-mail or message through Facebook, I can deliver your order to you and save on shipping.  If you'd like to order through my Etsy store, just put in the coupon code at time of payment.

Thank you all so much!

05 October 2013

New Etched Metal Pendants

I've always liked the look of stamped metal, especially on pendants and bracelet tags.  I think they always look really cool.  My challenge with stamping over the years is myself.  I love adding sentiments to tags, but it takes me a really long time to do, especially if it is longer than one word.  I struggle with the challenge of lining things up, and not having it come out, dare I say it, perfect. That is why I was so excited when this summer, I taught myself how to metal etch.

  I love that I can draw or transfer the design to the metal, and then put it in a solution that carves out the design.  I also love the opportunity that etching has, and I have a ton of ideas running around in my head on how I want to use it.  I can see how using calligraphy, and other methods can translate into initials, sayings, etc.   I'm so excited to continue to explore this.

After doing some test runs, and seeing how stuff came out, I was so excited and decided to jump in with both feet.  These pendants were the outcome, and I love them. I've attached a few pictures below.  Unfortunately, I'm still new at figuring out the best way to photograph things, and some of the pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be. These pendants are all made from brass, copper, and pewter.  I'm hoping to add silver in the near future as well.

Copper Etched Tree Pendant--Polished and Shiny

Copper Etched Pendant with Birds Flying near a tree.  This pendant has been given a light patina and polish.

Pewter etched Pendant with bird and tree--polished and shiny

Brass etched pendant with birds flying through tree branches-Polished and shiny

Now on a side note, I wish I could say that I drew these pictures, but I can't.  I actually purchased them from a very talented artist and transferred them to the metal.

Some of these are already up and listed in the store here Etched Pendants, and I'm in the process of adding the others.

Thanks so much for stopping by,