05 October 2013

New Etched Metal Pendants

I've always liked the look of stamped metal, especially on pendants and bracelet tags.  I think they always look really cool.  My challenge with stamping over the years is myself.  I love adding sentiments to tags, but it takes me a really long time to do, especially if it is longer than one word.  I struggle with the challenge of lining things up, and not having it come out, dare I say it, perfect. That is why I was so excited when this summer, I taught myself how to metal etch.

  I love that I can draw or transfer the design to the metal, and then put it in a solution that carves out the design.  I also love the opportunity that etching has, and I have a ton of ideas running around in my head on how I want to use it.  I can see how using calligraphy, and other methods can translate into initials, sayings, etc.   I'm so excited to continue to explore this.

After doing some test runs, and seeing how stuff came out, I was so excited and decided to jump in with both feet.  These pendants were the outcome, and I love them. I've attached a few pictures below.  Unfortunately, I'm still new at figuring out the best way to photograph things, and some of the pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be. These pendants are all made from brass, copper, and pewter.  I'm hoping to add silver in the near future as well.

Copper Etched Tree Pendant--Polished and Shiny

Copper Etched Pendant with Birds Flying near a tree.  This pendant has been given a light patina and polish.

Pewter etched Pendant with bird and tree--polished and shiny

Brass etched pendant with birds flying through tree branches-Polished and shiny

Now on a side note, I wish I could say that I drew these pictures, but I can't.  I actually purchased them from a very talented artist and transferred them to the metal.

Some of these are already up and listed in the store here Etched Pendants, and I'm in the process of adding the others.

Thanks so much for stopping by,