29 May 2013

Experimenting With Some New Materials

In March I had mentioned some new materials that I was going to do some experimenting with.  Well, it has been a while, but I do finally have a couple of pictures to show you of one of them.  It is a substance called epoxy clay, and I'm so excited to use it more.  It seems that the possibilities are endless.  I made this pair of bobby pins with a blue epoxy clay, some crystal chatons, and beads.  I love the way they came out.

I also experimented with a ring kit.  I hand-set each of the crystal chatons into the clay, which holds them in place when it dries.  For a first run, I think it turned out pretty well.  I love the way it shines in the light.

I think my next project with the clay, will be a pair of post earrings with crystal chatons.  I think they would be a fun little addition.

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27 May 2013

New Mobius Weave Earrings in the Store

We had such a beautiful day on Thursday so I decided I would take advantage of it by sitting on our patio and making some earrings. I think that the blue and orange mobius weave flowers are a lot of fun, and a good way to wear game day colors in a more creative way. I thought it would be fun to make up some earrings that are the colors of the local schools in our area. I got those up and listed in the store tonight. If there are different color combinations that you are looking for, let me know and I'd be happy to make some custom earrings. I have rings in all the different colors that you can find in the store currently in stock (red, white, green, silver, blue, gold, black, purple, kelly green, brown, dark blue, maroon, orange).  I'll attach some pictures below as well.

 I hope you have all had a terrific Memorial Day weekend and am so thankful for all of you who have served, are currently serving, and will be serving in the future. I appreciate the sacrifice of you and your families.

 God Bless,


21 May 2013

New Shop Photos

Spring has finally arrived here in our area of the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe I should more correctly state that summer was here, and then it switched back to spring.  This time of year, we live by the saying "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change."  Anyway. . . .we are wrapping up our school year.  Just a couple more things to finish up and hours to get in before we get to enjoy our less structured learning that the summer months offer us.

In the meantime, I've been moving all my tools, supplies, and materials into my new shop.  It has been a lot of fun, and I'm so excited that everything is now organized and has its own place.  I can actually find things, and at least for the moment, there is no clutter!  I am so excited to get out there this week and start creating! As soon as I get my new photo light box, I'll start posting some pictures of some past and current projects.  Until then, I've got a few of my new shop below.

As always, thanks for stopping by.