21 November 2012

Finally Catching up. . .

I am so thankful that we've been able to get almost caught up on our schoolwork after being sick for so long, so now we can enjoy the rest of the week and relax a little, yay!  We did take some time off yesterday afternoon to go bowling with some friends and it was such a nice diversion.  I've been burning the late night oil the last couple of nights to get the remaining inventory items online and posted on Etsy.  Whew!  I didn't realize how much there was.  I'm getting there though, and it feels really good to be making some progress.  I think I only have about 15-20 items left.  Most of it is metalsmithed and fused glass items.  For now I'll keep truckin along.

Stay tuned.  On Friday I'll be posting some coupon codes on both Facebook and here.  I myself plan to avoid the black Friday craziness and do some shopping on Etsy.  I always love the quality of hand-made over mass produced.

If you want a peek at what is new in the store, check it out. . . 


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