07 July 2012

My shop

I made it out to our very hot garage today for a few minutes to run some glass through the kiln.  We've had 100+ temps here the last couple of days so the 1600 degree kiln running in the 90+ degree garage got a little warm.  I'm hoping to use the small glass cabs that I fused today in rings and maybe a few bracelets.  Still waiting for them to cool.  When I pull them out I'll get some pictures so I can show you some befores and afters.  In the meantime though, I got some pictures of my somewhat cleaned up shop.  Thought I'd post a couple of those for you.  So this is where I am spending my time when I'm creating anything that needs a torch, sawing, hammering, or firing in the kiln.

My awesome shelves that hubby put up for me.
Loving the large tabletop that this old scrapbook table has. . .

So much awesome storage!

The kiln