25 July 2012

New pendant

So you know how you just have one of those days sometimes where nothing seems to be going right?  I've had a couple of days like that.  On Sunday night, my husband was out of the house and I was hanging with the kids.  I attempted to close my son's blinds and lost my balance.  Needless to say the bottom of my foot after it tried to land on the metal bed frame was not in good shape.  I was finally able to walk in a somewhat normal way yesterday so thought I'd try to finish up a couple of rings.  I couldn't for the life of me, get the solder to flow the correct way.  So I called it an early night.

  I decided to work on some easier and less technical things now, but hoping that later I can finish up those rings.  Anyway. . . since I need some encouragement of what can be accomplished.  I wanted to show you a progression of a pendant that I just listed.

This is how it looked when I started it.  I was originally going to leave it like this or add more flowers to the other side, but the design just wasn't appealing to me or talking to me.  So I decided to take a couple of pieces that I had removed from the flower of a different pendant and this is how it turned out.  I'm pretty excited by the way it came out.

This is a perfect example of how my ideas change as I'm working with the materials.  I often go into a project with one idea and then bend the metal one way or another and something completely different comes out.  I love it when it turns out like this!

And remember that glass I fused the other day?  I'll be posting some more pictures of where some of it ended up.

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21 July 2012

New Items in store

     So I just got all the new blue and orange items listed on Etsy.  I can make duplications as well as variations of these and am planning on having these similar designs stocked for the Nampa Festival of the Arts.  I've also got some copper and sterling pendants and earrings ready to list up there, as well as some rings and new items in process.  I plan to be busy over the next few weeks getting stuff "hammered" out.  Here are the items I listed today that go well with the mobius earrings I posted a few days ago.

20 July 2012

Blue & Orange

I'm currently gearing up for the Nampa Festival of the Arts that takes place the weekend of August 11th.  One of the things that I wanted to do this year is have some blue and orange themed jewelry.  Go Broncos!  Anyway, I know there is a lot of stuff out there, but I wanted to make some items that were a little more simple and hopefully something that not everyone else has.  I ordered some custom jump rings and I'm excited about how the mobius earrings as well as the beaded ones came out.  Here are some pictures.

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10 July 2012

Fired Glass

I don't have a whole lot to say today, but I thought I'd show you some before and after photos of the glass that I fired in the kiln the other day.  I was excited to see how the different cabs came out, since sometimes there are fun surprises in how the glass fuses and what the colors look like when they are done.  I'm excited to get these in settings and on rings, earrings, and bracelets!

Glass before going into the kiln

Glass after it has been fired

07 July 2012

My shop

I made it out to our very hot garage today for a few minutes to run some glass through the kiln.  We've had 100+ temps here the last couple of days so the 1600 degree kiln running in the 90+ degree garage got a little warm.  I'm hoping to use the small glass cabs that I fused today in rings and maybe a few bracelets.  Still waiting for them to cool.  When I pull them out I'll get some pictures so I can show you some befores and afters.  In the meantime though, I got some pictures of my somewhat cleaned up shop.  Thought I'd post a couple of those for you.  So this is where I am spending my time when I'm creating anything that needs a torch, sawing, hammering, or firing in the kiln.

My awesome shelves that hubby put up for me.
Loving the large tabletop that this old scrapbook table has. . .

So much awesome storage!

The kiln

05 July 2012

Anxious to get back to work

Hope everyone had a terrific 4th of July.  We had a fun day at the park with family followed by watching our neighbors set off fireworks.  So fun to watch the lit up sky.  Now that the holiday is past and things are starting to slow down a little (ie, I'm getting caught up on the day to day things), I'm anxious to get out in my shop area and work.  First up, I'm hoping to run some glass through the kiln and get going on some glass bracelets and rings.  Stay tuned for my works in progress.  I'm also so excited for my organized workspace. I've got a great used scrapbook table set up so I have a ton more room!