27 June 2012

Busy Week

This week has been a little crazy busy for me.  I've been blessed with the privilege of helping to co-lead the preschool crafts for our church's VBS.  It is a week-long program.  I've gotten to hang out with 82 preschoolers and some awesome adult and teen helpers.  Throughout the week I've had my hands covered in glitter glue, tacky glue, sparkles, and foam.  We've made slap bracelets, tambourines, mosaic boxes, and tomorrow we get to make planters and plant some bean seeds and sprouts in them.  Should be exciting!  Anyway, haven't made it out to the shop much this week, except to clean it up a bit.  Hoping to be out there next week and fire some glass.  I also have a few new metal-smithed items in copper and silver that I'm hoping to get pictures of and post.  Those bean sprouts sure are cool to see in all their different stages.  Thinking of creating some type of bean sprout pendant.  The idea is still rolling in the back of my brain.  We'll have to see how it develops.  Maybe next week. . .


25 June 2012

Delving into a blog

I thought I'd delve into the world of blogging so that I could share some of my jewelry making processes, as well as some of the things that inspire me.  Topics could vary anywhere from scattered and random thoughts to photos.  I never know where the inspiration for new jewelry design ideas will come and sometimes the materials take on a life of their own, much different from my original ideas.  I hope you'll check back from time to time to see what projects I'm working on and to say "hi."

Thanks for stopping by!